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ULTRA TEE is a new clothing brand, 100% sustainable. All materials for the manufacture of ULTRA TEE products are tested on harmful substances by Confidence In Textile and certified (men's collection) by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). ULTRA TEE uses tencel (vegetable eucalyptus fiber), organic cotton and digital eco-friendly high definition printing. ULTRA TEE brand was launched by two designers Angie Sam and Juan Sebastian Rickenman in 2012. They met in a design school during their studies and they both dreamed of creating projects for which they could be proud of. ULTRA TEE's mission: to offer high quality low-impact eco-friendy and fair-trade products. ULTRA TEE is a member of FELLOWSHIP 500 of ETHICAL FASHION FORUM - the global platform that unites 500 pioneers and innovators in fashion and sustainability to take the movement to the next level. ULTRA TEE was chosen as the BEST ECO FASHION NEWCOMER 2013 by SUBLIME Magazine.
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